The smart alternative for Forensics, eDiscovery and Early Case Assessment.

Intella is designed to get the job done as quickly and simply with amazing productivity enhancing features.

Incredible user experience
user friendly interface

User-friendly interface

Focus on getting your review done and not on using complicated software.

eDiscovery and forensics tools integration

eDiscovery and forensic search software at an affordable price

Integrates with all leading legal software via Load file or direct integration.

email, PST, office and other forms of ESI

Support a wide range of emails and data formats

Supports PST/OST, NSF, Mbox, DBX, EDB, Office documents and many other forms of data.

Solution that just works
efficient processing, high speed

Market-leading processing speed

Get fast processing of all forms of data without the need of expensive computer equipment.

scalable solution

Scalable solution

Process 1 gigabyte to multi-terabyte cases with ease.

flexible workflow for ease of use

Case workflow

Whether you need to review on a single PC or have multi-user, browser-based review. Intella has the flexibility to meet all your needs.

Powered by Intella Insight
case insight ease of use

Case insight with a single click

Intella processes and reports on all major Internet artifacts for you.

important information at a glance

Important information at a glance

Chat programs, social media, registry, user, browser and other settings are reported in a single interface.

experts knowledge for you

Expert knowledge delivered to you

No more sifting through disk images to find hidden settings. Insight does it for you.

Intella SolutionsInsight Analysis

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computer forensics

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Intella P.I. will search, preview and produce custodians' email, attachments, data files, embedded images, archives, headers, cell phones and metadata with ease.

Vound Welcomes John Hirsch as Regional Sales Manager

Leading global vendor of eDiscovery, forensic search, and early case assessment technologies, Vound, today announces the appointment of John Hirsch as Regional Sales Manager to lead sales for US government segments, western US and Asia regions. John is a highly-regarded publishing industry veteran with more than 20 years of global experience in publishing and business development of advanced technologies for computer and mobile forensics, covert communications and covert surveillance. His breadth and depth of experience are uniquely suited to facilitate accelerating demand across sectors for Vound's Intella suite of eDiscovery solutions. Read the full announcement here.

Vound Releases Intella® and Intella® Connect 2.0, Adds Bitcoin Crypto Currency Detection and New Cloud Sources to Powerful, Cost-Effective eDiscovery Solutions.

Leading global vendor of eDiscovery, forensic search, and early case assessment technologies, Vound, announces it has released Intella 2.0 of the flagship Intella range of comprehensive eDiscovery and digital investigation software solutions, as well as the web-enabled, Intella Connect 2.0. The new releases substantially expand Intella's feature set to include innovative Bitcoin crypto currency detection, several leading cloud sources - Dropbox, Office 365 (incl. OneDrive), SharePoint, and Gmail - skin tone analysis, restructured UX, and significantly improved search result times within the same cost-effective platform. Read the full announcement here.

A Guide to Four Technologies Disrupting Legal Tech

Featured in InsideCounsel October 21, 2016

With information coming in new electronic formats and increasing in volume beyond the control of any single practitioner, the days where technology was an option rather than requisite are long over. Legaltech News staff writer, Ian Lopez, includes Intella 2.0 in his roundup of disruptive technology and highlights cryptocurrency detection capabilities of Intella 2.0. Read the full article here.

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