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Vound has you covered through triage, email search, computer forensics and eDiscovery. Our suite of products can progressively and seamlessly provide more powerful features to process electronically stored information (ESI), search metadata and content, filter search results, and produce reports as your requirements grow.

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Triage Tools for the Forensic Investigator

W4 provides all the tools you need to quickly identify the best sources of evidence for your cases. Gone are the days when devices had to be hauled into the lab for processing in order to determine the relevance of the data they contained. With W4, your teams can quickly scan machines on site to identify the machines that warrant a deeper look back at the lab.

Triage advantages include...

Take W4 with you on the go and perform triage on the machines you want to examine in the field. Our USB-based licensing system allows you to run the software without installing it on the machines you examine. Gain first mover advantage and know where you stand within minutes. Our specially designed triage solution will quickly crawl through and index data on live machines, allowing users to search during processing to save time. W4’s automated RAM capture functionality works to prevent data loss when a machine is powered down for transport. Your seamless experience of our triage solution is our fundamental priority, which is why W4 integrates with Intella to prepare cases for a deep dive investigation. W4’s intuitive interface puts key information at investigators’ fingertips. From W4's unique timeline review panel, to the unique Events and Links views, W4 enables forensic investigators to quickly understand what happened, when it happened and who was involved. Pre-defined searches, called recipes, allow investigators to narrow down their searches with the click of a button.

Triage features at Your Fingertips

Experience for yourself the state-of-the-art features and advanced technological capabilities you need to redefine successful case triage with our three-pronged approach to triage.

  1. Search - Using our unique Search Profiles feature, you can narrow down your searches instantly while triaging a live system.
  2. Review - W4’s exclusive indexing engine allows the user to review the available results on the fly while the indexing process continues to run.
  3. Collect - Data can be extracted from live machines in several formats via our new data acquisition functionality and automatic RAM capture.

Our newly designed timeline allows users to quickly filter results to only items within a specific timeframe with the drag of the mouse. The timeline also shows a useful comparison of all items vs items which have been filtered by categories, and a special indicator showing the dates for items which are currently shown in the Events view.

Make it easy to communicate preliminary results with W4’s custom reports. Include data, metadata, tags, comments, graphics, and much more.

  • Report by items, categories, tags, and custom fields
  • Customize activity events with colorized tags and descriptive comments
  • Report web history and images via configurable display and page layout
  • Hyperlinks to the exported files can be included in the report
  • Add link graphs to the report to illustrate important connections
  • Native files can be exported with the report
  • Report settings can be reused via our customizable template mechanism

eDiscovery Capabilities for the Legal Professional

With Intella, the legal professional will quickly gain an understanding of the data to help shape a litigation strategy to promote efficient discovery, in a cost-effective manner.

eDiscovery advantages include...

Intella's powerful and customizable ESI processing engine, combined with robust searching and reporting capabilities, permits users to efficiently ingest large, complex datasets, then rapidly develop their understanding of the data. Intella's interactive Insight view, along with its unique data categorization facets, permit accelerated iterative searching and sampling of results to cull ESI with an efficiency that's not achievable with outdated platforms primarily designed for document review. Leverage Intella's comprehensive suite of advanced analytics capabilities, including: extensive visualization options, intuitive keyword reports, flexible deduplication, interactive, color-coded tagging, email threading, near-duplicate document detection, and a cutting-edge predictive coding engine. Combined with Intella's legendary support for an enormous range of modern data types, equip your team to compete on equal footing with adversaries. Intella's revolutionary user interface, with its highly visual, intuitive nature acts as a force-multiplier, permitting a single user to achieve a level of productivity and efficiency not found in other tools. As a fully unified platform, Intella bypasses the delays and technical hurdles commonly present in eDiscovery workflows, as data is shuttled between processing and review platforms. Instead, Intella users are liberated from such constraints, and provided the freedom to identify high-value data from the outset of discovery, while enjoying the transparency of process often lacking with third-party service providers.

Powerful eDiscovery capabilities at Your Fingertips

Effective handling of the complex, ever-expanding range of data types inherent in modern eDiscovery projects is critical in containing costs and ensuring successful outcomes. The ability to navigate PST email exports, mobile device forensic reports, cloud repositories, and forensic images in a seamless, unified environment provides the ultimate in eDiscovery efficiency.

Accelerate your understanding of case data quickly, leveraging Intella's multi-dimensional approach to data analysis during ECA. During the often underutilized EDRM stage known as ECA, the intelligent application of Intella, in conjunction with legal and factual subject matter expertise, can be combined to produce results that are often dismissed as impossible due to the limitations of other tools. In contrast to the linear approach favored in document group, consider taking advantage of the unparalleled precision possible with Intella in order to identify high-value evidence from the outset of a matter, while developing strategic knowledge that can contribute to settlement opportunities, discovery strategy, witness identification, etc. With the power of Intella for ECA, it's no longer necessary to wait for high-value evidence to be stumbled upon in the latter stages of review.

Intella's visual approach to ESI is favored by legal teams in corporate, administrative, and private practice settings across the globe to provide the advanced capabilities needed to address modern eDiscovery workflows.

  • Automatic content analysis with user-customizable options
  • The simplest, most effective, and most intuitive table view in eDiscovery
  • Social graphing
  • Unified handling across multiple electronic communication sources
  • Customizable deduplication
  • Email threading
  • Near duplicate document detection and comparison
  • Predictive coding with built-in AI

With the culling process complete and review population defined, it's time to progress to the core task of any eDiscovery project – document review. To facilitate this effort, Intella provides a separate, visually-simplified user interface, carefully optimized for the unique needs of reviewers. Create individual keyword lists on-the-fly for keyword highlighting or load pre-compiled ones. Rapidly enter searchable, free-form text to preserve important work product without interrupting review. Leverage color as part of the document coding process to increase accuracy and lessen QC issues. Make use of the full family coding option to ensure consistent production of families when required. Facilitate communication and distribute new information developed by review team members in real time via the integrated chat feature. Organize documents in customized review batches to achieve user-defined grouping by topic, custodian, keywords, etc. Monitor both overall and individual reviewer progress with Intella's Review tab interface.

When review and QC are complete and production deadlines loom, Intella's production export muscle can be brought to bear in meeting critical milestones. Litigation support professionals will appreciate the granular options present in Intella's feature-rich export settings, which were designed to support the requirements of complex production specifications. Advanced load file customization controls, along with a powerful, reliable, multi-threaded imaging engine can chew though even million page exports at impressive speeds. Simple, reusable templates further improve efficiency, and permit users to compile custom libraries of their most common production scenarios for leveraging in future projects.

Moving to litigation?

Intella can take you from early case assessment to investigation, to presentation: same tool, same data, simple. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure require your case to progress quickly. Intella is a powerful process, search, and analysis tool enabling the EDRM model from identification to presentation.

Forensic Tools for the Forensic Investigator

Our products provide all the tools you need to dig deep into your data and quickly identify the relevant documents related to your cases. Customize your software package to accommodate the size of your cases and the number of investigators on your team.

Forensic Tools

Forensics advantages include...

Our users love the power and speed our software engines bring to their investigations. Intella allows investigators to fully utilize their hardware to enable rapid processing of large amounts of data including multiple terabytes. Powerful search functionality allows the user to quickly narrow down the dataset and expose the items which are relevant to the investigation. The power to drive your investigation more efficiently is in your hands with flexible customizations. These include case templates which allow you to get your case up and running quickly, customizable tasks which add a level of automation to processes such as OCR, email threading, searching, and reporting, and, fully configurable export options covering various output formats which can be saved as export templates. Together these features add to driving an efficient investigation. From conducting imaging or forensic triage on live systems in the field, to processing collected data in the lab, to producing a variety of export formats, we have you covered. Our comprehensive software simplifies collection, searching, exporting and reporting without the need for other tools. This provide thoroughness and saves time for any digital investigation.

Powerful Forensic features at Your Fingertips

Our extensive indexing capabilities allow you to index and examine a vast array of different types of electronically stored information (ESI). These include forensic disk images, PST/OST email files, instant messages, mobile device reports, Windows registry files and artifacts, certain proprietary databases, loose documents, and many other data types.

Since its first release, Intella has become widely renowned for its rapid processing of email data, and its comprehensive review and analysis features. This has now been extended to include a wide range of communication channels such as text messages, chat communications, and phone logs. Intella allows the user to view email and other communications as they appear in their native formats. In addition, Intella will thread email and text/chat messages so that the user has a clear overview of the entire conversation, and which parties are involved.

Our Insight Analytics delivers an immediate, macro-level view of all items in the case to give you a firm understanding of the scope of types and communication which you need to account for. Advanced search features such as Content Analysis enables the user to identify items which cannot be found with regular keyword search methods. These include searching for special names, monetary values, physical locations, and other pattern orientated items such as credit card number, bank numbers, invoice numbers, etc.

Along with various formats for exporting your final dataset, all of our platforms provide flexible reporting features. The report wizard allows the user to totally customize a report. This allows the user to tailor the report based on the specific investigation, and the types of data which are being reported. Options include adding your company logos, sections for reporting different file types, page orientation setting per section, and configurable metadata per section.

Intella Team and Intella Connect enable forensic teams to review evidence independently as well as simultaneously. Intella Team was designed for teams who need to collaborate on cases via their internal network. Intella Connect provides browser-based access to case files and supports custom user permission sets to control the data viewed by various members of the forensic team.

Investigation Tools for the Investigator

Intella is used and trusted by the world’s best-known enterprises, banks, law enforcement and government agencies worldwide to deliver world class investigative results.

Investigative advantages include...

Digital investigations frequently involve from a large number of devices. These include multiple computers, mobile devices and a variety of digital storage media, as well as difficult-to-access corporate data formats and storage systems. While maintaining the integrity of your evidence, Intella enables you to combine these disparate data sources in to the same case, complete a comprehensive investigation, and to produce actionable reports on your findings. With the ability to scale up or down on case sizes, add or remove users, configure hardware resources, customize searches, change graphical representation of search results, and output results in various formats, Intella provides a flexible platform for digital investigations. Investigators can use a number of search and display features to make it easier to sift through case data, and to give them a powerful investigative edge. Where other tools fail, Intella allows you to visualize the data and relationships within the data more clearly. Intella’s intuitive interface paints the picture in many different graphic formats. The cluster maps help users visualize relationships between search terms. The Email threading charts show conversations between people. The Social link graphs show the strength of connections between people. The Histogram, Timeline, and Geolocation views add more dimension to the emerging story.

Investigation features at Your Fingertips

Our indexing engines allow you to examine a vast array of your suspect's electronically stored information (ESI) - including forensic disk images, PST/OST email files, instant messages, cellphone extraction data, Windows registry files, certain proprietary databases, loose documents, and many other forms of data.

Intella is widely regarded by investigators across industries as one of the best email review tools. It has powerful indexing performance and covers a comprehensive range mail data formats. In addition, Intella also supports a wide range of communication channels such as text messages, chat communications, and phone logs. Intella allows the user to view this communications as it appears in their native formats. This includes the threading of email and text/chat messages to provide a clear overview of the entire conversation, and which parties are involved.

Intella's intuitive interface puts key case information at the investigators' fingertips. Interface views such as Intella's unique cluster map display, which enables investigators to manage keyword relationships, the social graph for identifying who is involved within communications, geolocation for pinpointing the origin of the sender, altogether assist investigators to quickly connect the dots.

Along with various formats for exporting your final dataset, all of our platforms provide flexible reporting features. The report wizard allows the user to totally customize a report. This allows the user to tailor the report based on the specific investigation, and the types of data which are being reported. Options include adding your company logos, sections for reporting different file types, page orientation setting per section, and configurable metadata per section.

Intella enables you to acquire data across a comprehensive array of sources. Whether you are investigating offline sources such as loose file, forensic images and cell phone reports, or whether they are cloud sources such as Gmail, Office 365, iCloud or DropBox, Intella processes these sources at speed so that you can start searching your case quickly.

Smarter Email Search with Vound

Email is the primary form of electronic communication in business and organizational life today - and our comprehensive email search platforms are designed to conquer today’s vast data volume. We are the email forensic search platform of choice for organizations across the globe. From small agencies to Fortune 500, Big Box Retailers, Big 4 accounting firms, we have a solution to fit your needs no matter how big or small your case may be.

Email Search advantages include...

Our software products enable you to index email data across a comprehensive array of sources. Whether you are investigating emails generated from cloud sources, corporate exchange servers, laptops, desktops, or cellphones, Vound enables you to slice through the data at world class speed. Whether you are a single investigators or collaborating with multiple teams, and investigating lone or multiple custodians, our products empower you and your team to do much more in your case faster. Capture metadata surrounding email, visually illustrate social networks, and quickly drill into the who, what, where, and when of your email investigations. The investigation doesn’t end with search. Make your output actionable with a wide variety of enhanced exporting and reporting features. Export your email specific data into a multitude of desired formats including PDF, PST, native formats, load files, and an actual report format.

Email features at Your Fingertips

Intella is widely regarded by investigators across industries as the best in class email review tool for its powerful and comprehensive indexing of email data sources. These sources include (but are not limited to): Microsoft Outlook PST/OST, Versions: 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016; Microsoft Outlook Express DBX, MBX, Versions: 4, 5 and 6; Microsoft Exchange EDB files, Versions: 2003, 2007 and 2010; IBM Notes NSF (formerly known as Lotus Notes or IBM Lotus Notes; Mbox; Saved emails (.eml, .msg); Apple Mail (.emlx); TNEF-encoded files (“winmail.dat” files); and Bloomberg XML dumps.

Get beyond pure text tools. Seamlessly capture email data in two variants: pure and rich text. This enables reviewers to process email as it appears in the native client and ensures the most comprehensive review of data sources as captured, including inline images and other graphic alterations.

Powerfully combine key communication information such as distribution timelines, date, time, and the location of email origin. Investigators swiftly ascertain relationships and drill down with incredible ease through our simple user interface.

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