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Video Games & Digital Forensics: They are not the same...are they?

Have you ever realized how much video games and digital forensics have in common? While it is unlikely that you would associate an Italian plumber jumping for coins with digital forensics, there are a surprising number of similarities between exploring a vast open world and uncovering crucial information and evidence during digital forensics investigations.

Intella products can offer solutions to many of the real-world challenges that you might encounter during your digital forensics journey. In this blog…

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Streamlining Email Review in eDiscovery: The Power of Intella

In 2023, the average amount of emails received per day has grown to over 340 billion. Yes, that number is correct. A lot of this may be spam, but email is still how most businesses communicate to their organization and customers. When it comes to eDiscovery, email is a quite common piece of ESI (electronically stored information) that investigators must comb through to find relevant information. How can eDiscovery software like Intella help tackle a task like this when potentially hundreds of thousands of…

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Interview Spotlight: Digital Forensics and eDiscovery from a privacy and compliance perspective

I sat down with Aubrey Brands, Esq. (CIPP/US) and asked her about her thoughts on digital forensics vs. eDiscovery, and how the two are different, and how they can come together during an investigation.

1. What industries do you work with when it comes to your position and using eDiscovery platforms?

Aubrey: “In my previous role I worked for a company that performed e-discovery on behalf of much larger law firms. Technically, the law firm was our client, however, the law firm's clients that required e-di…

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You don’t leave your house and car unlocked, so you shouldn’t do that with your software.

When you leave for work, you lock your front door. And when you get to work, you lock your car, right? You also don’t give any of those keys to random strangers, do you? Let’s look at how the security features of Intella Connect makes sure you are digitally locked. Intella Connect offers many ways for you to secure your sensitive information, not only from outside eyes but internally, too. Things like SSL, LDAP, 2 Factor Authentication, and role-based permissions all play a part in making sure you know who…

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That Luxury Car May Be Nice to Have, But Does it Really Meet All Your Needs?

Nothing turns heads quite like a luxury car. Leather seats, custom interior, a finely tuned engine and a sleek look are just some of the benefits associated with having one. You may not only turn heads of other drivers as you drive down the road, but you might also turn the heads of traffic cops as well (and pick up a few tickets) if you’re not careful. If you have the means to purchase one, why wouldn’t you?

Then again, that luxury car probably doesn’t meet all your needs all the time. If you ever need t…