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That Luxury Car May Be Nice to Have, But Does it Really Meet All Your Needs?

Nothing turns heads quite like a luxury car. Leather seats, custom interior, a finely tuned engine and a sleek look are just some of the benefits associated with having one. You may not only turn heads of other drivers as you drive down the road, but you might also turn the heads of traffic cops as well (and pick up a few tickets) if you’re not careful. If you have the means to purchase one, why wouldn’t you?

Then again, that luxury car probably doesn’t meet all your needs all the time. If you ever need t…

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Customer Spotlight: Jason Covey

Jason Covey is a 20-year legal industry veteran, providing litigation support and eDiscovery services to both law firms and eDiscovery service providers. We recently sat down with Jason to ask him about his experience in the industry, when he began using Intella, what features he most likes about it and what advice he has for using Intella.

Jason, tell us about your experience in the industry.

I’ve been in the industry for 20 years – primarily on the law firm side. After joining a national firm in 2006,…

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Vound will not sell to any company in Russia

As of today Vound will not sell to any company in Russia. It won't make a huge difference but it is what we can do. We call upon other vendors from the forensic and eDiscovery tools to do the same.

  • Peter Mercer CEO Vound Software

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Add Software to the List of Things You Need Training for to Be Effective

Here’s a question for you: When you began driving a car, did you simply jump behind the wheel and get started? Or did you receive some instruction first? Chances are, you probably completed a driver education course before you were approved to begin driving; in fact, in most jurisdictions, it’s required by law. Would you go skiing before being taught how to move on skis (and most importantly, how to stop)? Of course not! You would get instruction from a certified instructor first and practice on the “bunny…

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What Are Crawlers and Why Do I Want Them in My Software?

Crawlers. Even the name sends shivers down your spine as it conjures up images of creepy things that hide from the light. Yet most of us take advantage of the work they do every day, and some of us could not function without them.

Those who are in the digital forensics field rely on crawlers to maximize data processing, which in turn, enables them to identify critical evidence in their cases. The link between crawler activity in your forensic search tools and your ability to solve cases involving drug…