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Streamlining Email Review in eDiscovery: The Power of Intella

By Vound Software

In 2023, the average amount of emails received per day has grown to over 340 billion. Yes, that number is correct. A lot of this may be spam, but email is still how most businesses communicate to their organization and customers. When it comes to eDiscovery, email is a quite common piece of ESI (electronically stored information) that investigators must comb through to find relevant information. How can eDiscovery software like Intella help tackle a task like this when potentially hundreds of thousands of emails need to be searched quickly and efficiently so crucial information isn’t missed, and deadlines are met?

Let’s discuss a couple of ways it can do just that.

Outlook, Google, Apple, and other major email providers all have their own way to produce email databases.There are a few file formats that you will see when dealing with email depending on how the email inbox was exported and from what vendor. Some common ones are Outlook’s PST file, or Google’s MBOX. Having software that can interpret each of these and put them into a neat and easy to read format is extremely helpful when looking for important data. No need to open them in a native program or try and sort through each individual email. Intella will analyze these different file types and prepare them for your review process automatically.

Deduplication: Intella software can identify duplicate data for duplicate content, reducing the overall total of emails to look at, and improve the efficiency of processing.

By using message IDs, Intella can find duplicates in your data set and will only show one of the matches found to reduce the amount of emails to look at. These are known as inclusive emails. They contain the full context of the email thread.

Determining which emails are inclusive can be a complex and time-consuming task, particularly when large volumes of data are involved. Intella can assist in this process by providing advanced search and filtering capabilities, allowing investigators to identify and collect relevant emails more efficiently and effectively.

Searching: Intella software can search the contents of an email database and provide powerful features to cull data, making it easier to find relevant information.

Now that the inbox has been unpacked and deduplication has hidden emails that don’t need to be looked at, it’s time to start searching for the crucial information. Every part of the email is broken down in Intella. This means everything from the message, headers, metadata, and any attachments are now searchable. This gives you great control with your searches to really refine the data quickly. Things such as a simple keyword search or looking for geolocation information of a message can be done in seconds with Intella’s search features. Add the ability to apply any piece of information that was found as a search query, you really can dig through massive amounts of email in a very short amount of time.

Preview and visualizations: Intella can provide a preview of the files natively and presents data visually, reducing the time and effort required when manually reviewing large email collections.

Intella is all about ease of use. When you start searching through your emails you don’t need a native program to view the emails as they would appear in Outlook for example. Intella can preview emails and their attachments right in the interface.

Visualizations built into Intella also show things like a full email thread, cluster maps with connections between search queries, and a social graph to show conversations between two email addresses.

These are just a few of the ways Intella can increase the speed and accuracy of your eDiscovery process with emails. It can be a daunting task, but with Intella you’ll have everything you need to get it done.

Interested in trying out Intella? Reach out to us for a demo and to explore which option can benefit you the most. Whether you’re solo or a medium to large team, we have a solution to meet those needs!

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