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That Luxury Car May Be Nice to Have, But Does it Really Meet All Your Needs?

By Vound Software

Nothing turns heads quite like a luxury car. Leather seats, custom interior, a finely tuned engine and a sleek look are just some of the benefits associated with having one. You may not only turn heads of other drivers as you drive down the road, but you might also turn the heads of traffic cops as well (and pick up a few tickets) if you’re not careful. If you have the means to purchase one, why wouldn’t you?

Then again, that luxury car probably doesn’t meet all your needs all the time. If you ever need to haul or tow anything (or even buy a week’s worth of groceries), that luxury car may not be the best vehicle for that job. And don’t get us started on how a luxury car handles potholes! Sometimes, you need a truck – it’s not near as luxurious, but it gets the job done.

How Does That Relate to eDiscovery Solutions?

When you ask most people in the legal industry what the leading solution in eDiscovery is, the answer you’re most likely to get is Relativity. Many organizations use Relativity for their discovery needs and we get it – it’s a powerful solution and (perhaps) the “luxury car” of eDiscovery solutions. It’s also priced like a luxury car, and it’s not for everybody in legal. If it were, there wouldn’t be any other solutions available for eDiscovery. Yet, there are several – including Vound’s Intella Connect.

Many organizations buy Relativity as a “one size fits all” solution for their investigators, analysts and eDiscovery teams and it has a lot of great features for eDiscovery. But a lot of investigators and analysts find it doesn’t do the things they need, which is why many of them have turned to Intella Connect. Here are some of the advantages Intella has over Relativity:

Ease of Use: Intella is intuitive and easy to use – it’s designed for people who are not experts in eDiscovery. Relativity has been described as an “expert system for experts in eDiscovery”. Don’t believe us? There are ten different certifications to become a Relativity Certified Administrator, requiring 70+ hours of study, with 6+ months Relativity admin experience recommended. Do you have that much time to become an expert in your eDiscovery solution?

Flexibility: Vound’s suite of products cover on-prem investigative and review products on the desktop (W4 and Intella Connect) to the collaborative review platform Intella Connect. Intella Connect is suitable for small teams to large enterprises and supports a full range of features and capabilities, including predictive coding. Relativity doesn’t support such a wide range of client needs – it’s primarily geared as an enterprise eDiscovery solution.

Forensic Support: Intella Connect was originally designed as much for computer forensics as eDiscovery and it has custom workflows to support the forensics expert, including direct ingestion of forensic disk images and support of a variety of file formats. Relativity has always been an “eDiscovery-centric” product first and foremost and not as focused on forensic support. With Intella Connect, you get a wide range of extra file information (think about the variety of attachments an email can have) which can help you in your review.

Email Thread Review: Intella Connect provides an easy interface to review the entire conversation thread at once, including categorizing inclusive and exclusive emails within each thread, which allows the user to focus only on the inclusive emails and not redundant emails. Intella can also identify missing emails within threads, which may indicate that not all sources were obtained during the collection phase, highlighting follow-up collection efforts needed, or production deficiencies in email threads produced to you.

Pricing: To use Intella Desktop, you only need to pay a one-time fee, plus annual renewal fee. Intella Connect pricing is based on concurrent users. Relativity pricing is based on several factors, including size of the data online, registered users (regardless how frequently they are actively using the product) and more. If you’re going to choose Relativity, expect to pay luxury car prices. After all, if everyone could afford a luxury car, wouldn’t everybody have one?


We admit that Relativity has some terrific capabilities. But it’s not for everybody. Different users in discovery and forensics have different feature needs and they certainly have different budgets to support their eDiscovery needs. Luxury cars go fast and look great, but sometimes you need a truck for the job. Which is why many luxury car owners have a truck as well for their second car – just as many organizations use more than one eDiscovery solution to support an increasing variety of use cases.

Make sure you have the right vehicle for the job. Intella Connect is full featured, easy to learn and use, support flexible installations, provides support for forensic workflows, comprehensive email thread review and is budget friendly. There are many more trucks on the road than luxury cars for a reason – they get the job done well, at a price many more drivers can afford!

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