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Video Games & Digital Forensics: They are not the same...are they?

By Vound Software

Have you ever realized how much video games and digital forensics have in common? While it is unlikely that you would associate an Italian plumber jumping for coins with digital forensics, there are a surprising number of similarities between exploring a vast open world and uncovering crucial information and evidence during digital forensics investigations.

Intella products can offer solutions to many of the real-world challenges that you might encounter during your digital forensics journey. In this blog, we will go on a journey into video game worlds and digital forensics investigations to find those connections and have some fun while doing it.

video games and digital forensics (Photo by Ravi Palwe on Unsplash)

The Start of your Adventure!

In video games, you often start in a strange land or arrive at an unknown place with little to no resources. Similarly, starting a digital forensics investigation can be overwhelming when faced with a large amount of data and unsure of where to begin. Tools from Vound, such as Intella Investigator, can give you the necessary gear to start your investigation successfully.

video games and digital forensics

The “Quest” Log - Do you accept?

In video games, a quest log or guide system helps players stay on track and leads them to their goals. Similarly, having a guide or list of tasks in digital forensics can get you to crucial information quicker or help you find hidden items in your data. Intella offers many ways to assist you during your digital forensics investigation through detailed visuals, automated tasks, and social connections. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and review data.

video games and digital forensics (Photo by Pixabay:

Tough Challenges Require Help

Sometimes challenges become too much to tackle alone, and it is necessary to bring in teammates to help. This applies to digital forensics as well. Having multiple tools and people will improve chances of success, and Intella offers various products to assist you in your review process no matter the scenario. Some Intella programs support team collaboration, allowing multiple users to work together concurrently.

Intella Investigator, a web-based software designed for agencies, law firms, and investigation teams who need to process, search, and analyze substantial amounts of data or evidence, is an ideal tool for teams handling substantial amounts of data and need to work together to complete their investigations. It allows for collaboration among multiple users, enabling simultaneous review of the case by multiple individuals. Its key features include search and analysis capabilities, making it easier for teams to navigate data.

The Consequences of Cheating

Cheating in video games and cheating in digital forensics can be similar in that they have serious implications. Cheating in video games can result in punishment or banishment from a game or platform. Likewise, cheating in digital forensics can cause legal implications, leading to the dismissal of evidence or an entire case.

video games and digital forensics

The Journey Ends

After a successful digital forensics investigation, you will have discovered how Intella's tools can aid in future investigations and be utilized by individuals or teams. Intella’s lineup is designed to bring powerful tools to assist in the rapidly growing and changing world of digital forensics.

If you are interested in how Intella can help with your digital forensics investigation or have any questions, you can reach out to us at for more information and to schedule a demo with our team.