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Robots in the Sky: Cracking Down on Drone Law

By Vound Software

While there are countless ways drones can and have benefitted us − from helping manage wildfires and crime to transporting medicine and saving lives − the rules and regulations for drone usage are pretty murky. By 2019, the Federal Aviation Administration estimates nearly 8,000 civilian drones will fly throughout the U.S. Though there are safety guidelines in place for civilian use, each state has it's own proposed and enacted laws. Considering drones are so fresh on the consumer level, new bills will continue to change the way we operate these small aircraft. With the price for high-resolution video-enabled drones having dropped dramatically, small personal drones are set to be the selfie assistant of the future. In a short time we may use personal drones to take completely hands free selfies, deliver a forgotten cell phone to the office, or take Fido for a monitored walk.

So we have to wonder − how will laws change as drone technology advances with new and unimagined features and uses?

eDiscovery law drones

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eDiscovery law drones