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Know your data at a glance and quickly obtain the right human context and connections. Forensic examiners quickly navigate an increasingly complex array of data empowered by Intella’s visually intuitive interface.

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Intella lists the most notable user, system and internet artifacts across a broad array of artifact types. This simplifies finding important evidence and improves the examination time and thoroughness of any digital investigation.

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Forensic Search tools are many times easier and much more cost-effective than Forensic Analysis software. Intella can be deployed on any hardware to index data, enabling a broad spectrum of users to work at the speed of thought-unhindered.

Lack of training, resources and the proliferation of cloud sources are the challenges of today's digital forensics investigators, and the evidence backlog is currently in the order of years for many investigators worldwide-particularly as the volume of evidence from cloud-based and Internet-of-Things sources continue to increase. (Source Forensic Focus)

Intella makes it easy for any forensic investigator, even with minimal experience, to research and process investigations without the high cost of training required for more traditional forensic software analysis tools.

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Intuitive, visual UIs

Intella's intuitive interface puts key information at investigators' fingertips: from Intella's unique cluster map display that enables investigators to manage keyword relationships, to social, geolocation, and histogram facets, Intella enables forensic investigators to quickly connect the dots.

Customized reporting across a broad array of outputs

The Intella platform provides for flexible, configurable exports and highly detailed reporting to native formats, PDFs, mail containers, Load Files and disk images. Reports can be easily customized to contain full or partial metadata, user-created metadata, original content, and more.

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Advanced search goes beyond keywords

Intella's search tools surpass keywords. Insight Analytics delivers immediate, macro-views to gain understanding of the scope of your case. Features such as Smart Search and Content Analysis enable users to dive into correlating similar items, names, monetary values, even custom, regular expressions.

Powerful indexing of vast scope of ESI

Intella brings indexes a vast array of ESI - including Disk Images, Emails, Instant Messaging, Cellphones, Windows Registry and certain proprietary databases - with industry-leading speed, and displays the results in a visually-intuitive and user-friendly manner.

More caseloads, more complexity, less time: Intella's forensic search capabilities enable you to deliver faster, higher quality results.

Historically, forensic investigators have only had the option to choose traditional Forensic Analysis software. However, with advances in data processing and data search, more targeted Forensic Search tools are becoming the new standard when productivity is as important as the result.

Forensic Search tools have a major advantage over Forensic Analysis software and are many times easier to use. They are more cost effective than eDiscovery tools and can improve productivity across all types of users and investigations.

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"Intella is popular among both eDiscovery consultants and computer forensic examiners. Its widespread use in both areas is a testament." Bruce O., Technolawyer USA

Forensic Search focuses on user created data such as email files, cell phone records, office documents, PDFs and other files that are easily interpreted by a person and differs from computer forensic analysis in that it does not seek to review or analyze the lower level system files such as the registry, link files or disk level issues more commonly associated with traditional computer forensic analysis.

Using a Forensic Search tool such as Intella instead of a Forensic Analysis tool will greatly reduce your costs, improve your staff's productivity, and reduce the time it takes to carry out an investigation.

The popularity of Forensic Search has emerged due to a number of factors:
  • Improvements in technologies to enable a broader range of qualified users to undertake search and analysis of data that would have previously been undertaken only by highly trained computer forensic experts.
  • A need to reduce the high cost of undertaking a full computer forensic analysis of a user’s computer, when in most cases the evidence found in the user created data is most useful and all that is required.
  • The rise of cloud sources which resulted in a move away from data storage on local computer hardware to data storage in any number of remote locations.
  • A lack of qualified computer forensic experts.
  • The need to address the backlog of cases in most policing agencies where computer based information requires review.
  • The need to involve other types of expertise for proper assessment of evidence, e.g. knowledge of accounting regulations, legal knowledge, etc.

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