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Vound has you covered through triage, email search, computer forensics and eDiscovery. Our suite of products can progressively and seamlessly provide more powerful features to process electronically stored information (ESI), search metadata and content, filter search results, and produce reports as your requirements grow.

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Triage Tools for the Forensic Investigator

W4 provides all the tools you need to quickly identify the best sources of evidence for your cases. Gone are the days when devices had to be hauled into the lab for processing in order to determine the relevance of the data they contained. With W4, your teams can quickly scan machines on site to identify the machines that warrant a deeper look back at the lab.

Triage advantages include...

Take W4 with you on the go and perform triage on the machines you want to examine in the field. Our USB-based licensing system allows you to run the software without installing it on the machines you examine. Gain first mover advantage and know where you stand within minutes. Our specially designed triage solution will quickly crawl through and index data on live machines, allowing users to search during processing to save time. W4’s automated RAM capture functionality works to prevent data loss when a machine is powered down for transport. Your seamless experience of our triage solution is our fundamental priority, which is why W4 integrates with Intella to prepare cases for a deep dive investigation. W4’s intuitive interface puts key information at investigators’ fingertips. From W4's unique timeline review panel, to the unique Events and Links views, W4 enables forensic investigators to quickly understand what happened, when it happened and who was involved. Pre-defined searches, called recipes, allow investigators to narrow down their searches with the click of a button.

Triage features at Your Fingertips

Experience for yourself the state-of-the-art features and advanced technological capabilities you need to redefine successful case triage with our three-pronged approach to triage.

  1. Search - Using our unique Search Profiles feature, you can narrow down your searches instantly while triaging a live system.
  2. Review - W4’s exclusive indexing engine allows the user to review the available results on the fly while the indexing process continues to run.
  3. Collect - Data can be extracted from live machines in several formats via our new data acquisition functionality and automatic RAM capture.

Our newly designed timeline allows users to quickly filter results to only items within a specific timeframe with the drag of the mouse. The timeline also shows a useful comparison of all items vs items which have been filtered by categories, and a special indicator showing the dates for items which are currently shown in the Events view.

Make it easy to communicate preliminary results with W4’s custom reports. Include data, metadata, tags, comments, graphics, and much more.

  • Report by items, categories, tags, and custom fields
  • Customize activity events with colorized tags and descriptive comments
  • Report web history and images via configurable display and page layout
  • Hyperlinks to the exported files can be included in the report
  • Add link graphs to the report to illustrate important connections
  • Native files can be exported with the report
  • Report settings can be reused via our customizable template mechanism

Intella Support

Vound Software offers customers several options to find answers to their questions. These plans provide you with important benefits, and we strongly suggest you subscribe to one of them so your product is supported and you can receive the latest software updates and enhancements.

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Community Forum

Our Community Forum is a great place to ask questions and share information on how you use Intella and Vound products.
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Knowledge Base

Contains a complete listing of user manuals and downloads, and articles based on queries that have been resolved by our support team.
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Product Installers

Use your dongle ID to download the installer files for Intella, Intella Connect, and W4. To be eligible to download the installer files for your product, you must have a current Maintenance Agreement (MA).
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Technical Support

For reporting technical issues with any Vound software covered by your yearly Maintenance Agreement (excluding Intella P.I.).

Suscription Required*.

* First year included in software purchase. Annual subscription available after first year.

For full details of our Support Terms and Conditions please click here.

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