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Smarter Early Case Assessment with Intella®

Intella fuses powerful forensic search with eDiscovery features to empower your early case assessment strategy.

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Gain first mover advantage and know where you stand within minutes with Intella’s Insight feature. Intella Insight provides the immediate, forensic snapshot that investigators need to immediately understand the scope of the case at hand.

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Speed is of the essence. Intella quickly synthesizes evidence from multiple sources, so you can cull irrelevant responses and develop initial case strategy that will advance your organization quickly on the road to a successful resolution.

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Don’t create drag time. Intella’s state-of-the art reporting features are visually based and exportable in several desired formats. Provide your indexed data in actionable formats and arrive at the right strategy.

Early Case Assessment at its best quickly identifies a strategic plan that applies the same decision-making analyses and disciplines to litigation that clients routinely apply to other significant challenges confronting their businesses. ECA should focus on resolving the business problem by realistically defining what constitutes a favorable resolution of the case—quickly.

With Intella, investigators can gain valuable information to help shape a litigation strategy

and promote cooperation and proportionality in discovery in a cost-effective manner, while ensuring the cost of the technology does not exceed the savings it delivers.

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Advanced searching and filtering

ECA demands fast and accurate results that enable quick decision-making. This means you need to get beyond keyword searching, and fast. Intella’s powerful search swiftly culls, dedupes, and flags immaterial items from your data set, reducing the amount of items for review, saving you time and helping you achieve the desired turnaround you need, and driving value time and again to your organization.

Produce hot documents quickly

Arrive at the right strategy and take action. Intella’s powerful combination of search features enable you to swiftly and easily identify those items that require further analysis, providing you with accurate decision-making information. Whether you progress your case or move forward with reporting, Intella makes your data immediately actionable and includes a wide variety of enhanced reporting features into a multitude of desired formats including PDF, HTML, CSV, native formats and load files.

customizable exports to load files and others
intuitive user interface for efficient search

Crawl data sources and deliver quick Insight

Know your data at a glance and quickly assess relevant custodians and data volume: Intella’s Insight Analytics delivers immediate, macro-views to gain understanding of the scope of your case. Features such as Smart Search and Content Analysis enable users to dive into correlating similar items, names, monetary values, even custom, regular expressions.

Explore key custodians

Don’t miss a beat: accurate understanding of the scope of custodians involved in your case is mission critical for effective early case assessment. Intella helps reviewers in organizations of all sizes and structure to take proactive and reactive actions. Intella allows you to identify and report on key custodians in your case, providing the pivotal information you need to either acquire additional data sets or know with certainty you have obtained a good overview of the custodians involved in any investigation.

What customers are saying about Intella

“Intella allows me to visualize the data and relationships clearly; works where other tools fail; is intuitive and robust. ”

Andy R. ASR Data

Moving to litigation? Intella can take you from early case assessment to investigation, to presentation: same tool, same data, simple.

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure require your case to progress quickly. Intella is a powerful process, search and analysis tool enabling the EDRM model from identification to presentation.

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With our unique cluster-map technology, relationships and timelines between custodians and ESI are instantly visualized. Investigators can quickly drill down through terabytes of data to find and export the most pertinent results. With Intella, you can:
  • Assess data before collecting from locations where it natively resides (for example, on desktops, laptops and e-mail servers).
  • Quickly search the data population to identify relevant ESI.
  • Reduce the volume of ESI for review by eliminating duplicate or irrelevant data.
By culling a larger collection of ESI at the beginning of a case and reserving full processing and review to a smaller subset, the cost of producing documents (including processing, hosting and reviewing the data) should decrease.

What customers are saying about Intella

“If you need to quickly provide answers from a mountain of email and data, then Intella is a ‘must have’ visual analysis and reporting tool.”

Mitchell I., Danfoss

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