Intella® = Smarter eDiscovery

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Powerful eDiscovery features at your fingertips.

Here’s just a few selected features that will boost your productivity.

Efficient Batching & Coding

Your Job Just Got Easier & More Productive ...

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Load Files Support

Seamless Import / Export ...

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Processing Windows registry artifacts
File types and categories discovery

Efficient Indexing

Of Vast Scope Of ESI ...

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Simplified ...

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Processing Windows registry artifacts
File types and categories discovery

Most eDiscovery Software Asks You To Choose Between Speed, Accuracy Or Value.

With Intella You Get Them All.

Beware Pricing Traps ...

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Don't Fall Victim To The Latest Marketing Hype & Overpay For Esoteric Feature Sets You Don't Need

Most organizations across industry, size and sector, report budgetary and staffing constraints as the top challenges faced by eDiscovery professionals.

In a highly cost-sensitive environment, there is significant pressure to identify powerful eDiscovery solutions which can produce quick and accurate results - and deliver repeatable value to your organization and to your clients.

Predictive coding is used in less than 1% of cases—and the complexity and cost of PC capabilities place unnecessary and onerous demands on the skill set and training needs of your staff.

Your seamless experience of the Intella design is our fundamental priority, and we are deeply committed to providing exactly the tools your organization needs to achieve world class results in your eDiscovery cases.

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The Top Mistakes Companies Make When Selecting eDiscovery Software

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Are you ready to Discover smarter ?

Innovative, powerful, and simple - exactly the tools you need to conquer today's data challenges and deliver world class results. Find out for yourself the simplicity, power and accuracy of Intella. Vound will be pleased to provide a fully functional, time-limited evaluation copy of Intella to qualified individuals.

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