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W4 gets you up and running quickly. Add your W4 case to an Intella case for a more in-depth look. Add team members in Investigator and Connect to fully maximize the power of our software.
productive productivity esi software
  • Fast processing
  • USB investigation
  • File linking
  • Data timelining
  • User profiling
productive productivity esi software
  • In-depth processing
  • Email review
  • Attachment searching
  • Data analytics
  • Visual search
  • Exporting
productive productivity esi software
  • Sharing case data between team members
  • Combining, reviewing, and approving the work of team members
productive productivity esi software
  • Search using a browser with no need to install software
  • Permission-based administration controls who can access specific data in the case
  • Multi-user review

Choosing the right Intella product for you

All Intella products can process ESI, search metadata and content, filter by a range of criteria and produce several export and reporting formats.

Here you may find a short overview of our end-to-end eDiscovery software Intella range:

Web-enabled browser based review platform that allow multiple reviewers to simultaneously work on a matter. It has an intuitive workflow that helps reviewers of all levels get the job done.
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Enables collaboration between multiple individuals to review the case simultaneously. It is ideal for any agency, law firm or investigation team who need to process, search and analyze large amounts of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) / evidence by multiple users.
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For users who need to process, search, filter and produce Electronically Stored Information (ESI) / evidence in excess of 250 gigabyte. Intella Pro was designed for corporate investigators, legal investigators, professional service firms and consultants who have a need to review larger amounts of ESI.
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These products offer the same features as Intella Pro. The only difference is that each product defines the amount of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) you can process into a case. For example, Intella 250 allows you to index up to 250GB, Intella 100 up to 100GB and Intella 10 up to 10GB. These products are the ideal email investigation and eDiscovery software for single users.
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An optional companion for Intella Investigator, Pro, 250 and 100. It performs the same search and analysis functions as Intella Pro, 250 and 100, except for any processing tasks, and creating new cases. Intella Viewer enables additional investigators to view an existing cases on a different computers. When using Investigator’s case sharing functionality, up to 8 users can use Viewer to connect to the same shared case.
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Solution Comparison Chart

Intella is a powerful process, search, filter and producing review tool that makes it simple to find critical data.

Case Limits supported by Support Team

  Number of Active Cases* Number of Active Users* Viewers
W4 1 1 n/a
Intella 10 1 1 n/a
Intella 100 1 1 up to 2
Intella 250 1 1 up to 3
Intella PRO 1 1 up to 4
Intella Investigator up to 2 up to 4 per case n/a
Intella Connect up to 4 *up to 10 per case n/a
Intella Connect PLUS up to 10 *up to 10 per case n/a

* Additional concurrent users can be purchased

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Vound has you covered, from Triage to the Court Room. All Intella products can process ESI, search metadata and content, filter by a range of criteria and produce most standard load file formats.

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