Intella® Featured in Keynote, International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA) 4th Annual International Symposium, Halifax

Denver, CO -- June 15, 2017

Vound, a leading global provider of eDiscovery, forensic search, and early case assessment technologies, announces International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA) keynote speaker, Robert Aboumitri, Criminal Intelligence Analysis Manager for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and decorated investigator, will lead the conference educational sessions on Wednesday, June 21st, discussing, “Leveraging Data to Inform and Advance Investigations.” Aboumitri will demonstrate Vound’s Intella as a core investigatory platform in conjunction with the session.

For over two decades, The International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA) has assisted crime analysts and law enforcement agencies around the world make the best use of crime analysis, as well as advocated for technique standards and best practices. Aboumitri’s session will focus on present day usage of mobile devices and their many features which enable mobile devices to create unique, digital imprints. With in-depth, specialized data analysis, significant information can be obtained from mobile devices not possible via other methods or sources. Amboutri will detail several effective techniques that can be applied to analyse and interpret communications data utilizing Intella.

Intella provides a central workspace in which all of a user’s communication records can be searched and results presented in visually clear graphics, as well as assists investigators to integrate cellphone data with other case evidence, seamlessly. Intella’s innovative visual cluster maps enables investigators to can see relationships between SMSs, call records and users’ other key data.

Some of Intella’s salient features for mobile device investigations include:

  • Extends existing mobile forensic products with greatly improved search functionality
  • Integrates cellphone data with email and other documents to provide a full picture of evidence
  • Links timelines to phone calls
  • Reduces the time and complexity of reviewing cellphone reports separately to other data
  • Enables a case investigator to perform searches of the data
  • Searches multiple cellphones for SMS, phone logs and other cellphone specific data
  • Provides a visualized map of call detail

Aboumitri has been the recipient of several awards and medals, including an Operational Service Medal, a Queen’s Diamond Jubliee, and a Commissioner’s Commendation for Outstanding Service. In addition to his role at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Aboumitri has assisted the United Nations in a major international investigation and is a declared expert by the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia in the analysis and interpretation of cellular communications and data and records. Aboumitri is currently leading a team responsible for introducing and implementing innovative ideas and solutions to further operations and enhance productivity in "O" Division.

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About Vound

Vound is a leading global vendor of technology used for end-to-end forensic search, eDiscovery, early case assessment and information governance. Our Intella range of eDiscovery and digital investigation software is used by over 1500 organisations worldwide including the Big 4, Fortune 500 enterprises and Big Box Retailers, national security agencies, global banks, law firms, and law enforcement for Human Resources, Legal and Compliance matters. Intella’s strength lies in taking large collections of data and allowing users to quickly search and drill down to the most pertinent evidence; minimising the need for experts and significantly cutting the time and costs organisations normally take to carry out investigations, audit requests and eDiscovery.

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