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Predictive Coding

Why is it important?

Many people don't understand how it works. Now you can with this "step-by-step" walk through of an actual Predictive Coding case study.

eDiscovery Forensics logo Understanding the Data Set Used for Predictive Coding Exercise
Identifying the Starting Candidate Data Set
predictive coding in Intella Connect About Intella Connect Predictive Coding
conducting predictive coding experiment Predictive Coding Exercise with Candidate Data Set

In cases with many document collections, Predictive Coding is considered a more efficient method of conducting review because it doesn't require "eyes-on" review of all of the potentially responsive documents to complete responsiveness determinations. It's also considered as accurate, if not even more accurate, than manual review in many cases - not only saving time and cost during document review but doing so without sacrificing quality.

Receive your copy of our whitepaper, and learn what we uncovered in our research. Learn how predictive coding works - following this case using Intella Connect.