Vound Brings Value-Centric eDiscovery and Forensics to CLOC US Institute

Intella 2.1.1 and Connect Plus: the industry’s most cost-effective platform for eDiscovery and forensic search

Denver, CO -- April 11, 2018

Vound, a leading global provider of forensic, eDiscovery, and early case assessment technologies, Intella, announces its sponsorship of the 2018 Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) US Institute. Vound will be demonstrating the features of Intella’s newest solutions, Intella 2.1.1 and Connect Plus, throughout the duration of CLOC, at booth #110, April 22-25 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV.

Intella range of solutions are designed as value-centric solutions. Corporate legal officers and firms serving as outside counsel are constantly facing new challenges in a market of fast-paced geopolitical change, complex legal and regulatory challenges, cyber risks and overwhelming data challenges—often asked to produce accurate results on slim budgets and understaffed departments.

Today’s eDiscovery and forensic search tools need to be cost-effective and easy to use so that more than esoteric, highly trained specialists are able to produce accurate results. Intella range of solutions fuse eDiscovery and forensic search features into a single, platform indexing cell phone, email, disk images, load files and more—at market leading speed and accuracy—at the industry’s best pricing.

Intella’s “one stop shop” state-of- the-art platform helps professionals conducting investigations for general counsel, litigation support, human resources and document review be equipped with the most advanced technology to process data searches in a platform that enables a broader range of reviewers to work productively and quickly deliver actionable reports.

The newly released Intella 2.1.1 brings enhanced functionality; Intella Connect Plus ushers in a new era of market-topping processing capacity but at a fraction of the cost of competing products. Key functions of Intella include processing of cloud sources, Dropbox, Office 365 (incl. OneDrive), SharePoint, and Gmail as well as:

  • Email threads are detected and visualized. This includes the determination of the inclusive emails: together these cover all the content in the thread. This can reduce review time and effort. Missing emails are highlighted in the thread.
  • Identities modeling lets one build an “address book” of the persons of interest, bundling their aliases such as email addresses, phone numbers and chat accounts into a single unit. Various facets and displays use this to improve their content.
  • Integrated OCR option. This lets users OCR items directly from within Intella, without requiring any additional software, systems, or licenses.
  • Support for indexing XPS documents and XLSB spreadsheets.
  • Content Analysis columns, showing information such as credit card numbers, locations, and the outcome of regular expressions.

Intella Connect Plus is a software application that enables teams of reviewers to collectively search ESI processed with Intella utilizing most commonly available web browsers, and:

  • Intella Connect Plus doubles the capacity of Intella Connect
  • Installs in less than 30 minutes on a local network or in the cloud for remote access
  • Reviewers can connect regardless of Connect host server, no installation or download required
  • Organizations with multiple departments, locations, and review teams can jointly review a case

"The releases of Intella 2.1.1 and Connect Plus exemplify how Vound’s technology is evolving to meet the needs of industry giants and consumers by delivering market-leading features at the best value in the industry."

Peter Mercer, Chief Technology Officer of Vound

About Vound

Vound is a leading global vendor of technology used for end-to-end forensic search, eDiscovery, early case assessment and information governance. Our Intella range of eDiscovery and digital investigation software is used by over 1500 organisations worldwide including the Big 4, Fortune 500 enterprises and Big Box Retailers, national security agencies, global banks, law firms, and law enforcement for Human Resources, Legal and Compliance matters. Intella’s strength lies in taking large collections of data and allowing users to quickly search and drill down to the most pertinent evidence; minimising the need for experts and significantly cutting the time and costs organisations normally take to carry out investigations, audit requests and eDiscovery.

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