Vound Previews Intella® 2.1 and Intella® Connect 2.1 at Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference – Myrtle Beach

New features include Identities, integrated/unlimited OCR, email threading, and iTunes backup indexing

Denver, CO -- June 1, 2017

Vound, a leading global provider of eDiscovery, forensic search, and early case assessment technologies, announces it will preview Intella 2.1 and web-enabled Intella Connect 2.1 at Techno Security& Digital Forensics Conference, booth #413, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, June 4th-7th. Intella range of solutions fuses forensic search, analytics and eDiscovery features into a unified, end-to-end digital investigation platform and, therefore, eliminates the need for multiple tools to be deployed to enable world class results. Significant new features of Intella 2.1 to be previewed during Techno Security include: Identities, integrated/unlimited OCR functionality, email threading, and iTunes backup indexing across multiple devices.

Mobile traffic has grown 18 fold in the past 5 years alone to reach 7.2 exabytes of data per month. As data volumes continue to increase exponentially and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure ramp up timeliness requirements for case assessments, organizations struggle to manage their case load with investigatory tools which produce results with market-leading speed, but also cost-effectively.

Intella lowers an organization’s total cost of ownership of their digital investigation software by reducing processing time of large volumes of data by an average of 80%, providing a substantially user-friendly platform that reduces training investments and enables a broad range of reviewers, as well as utilizing an organization’s existing infrastructure.

Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference hosts corporate network security professionals, federal, state and local law enforcement digital forensic specialists, corporate and private forensic examiners, and industry leaders from the US and around the world. Vound leadership will discuss substantial new features of Intella 2.1 and Intella Connect 2.1 with attendees including:

Intella 2.1:
  • Identities feature ties together online aliases, including personal and private email addresses, phone numbers and chat accounts. Using Identities, communications flow between sources can be visualized and queried, regardless of the medium and alias that was used.
  • Integrated, unlimited OCR functionality. With Intella 2.1, users can OCR an unlimited number of documents without requiring additional software and licenses.
  • Email threading provides a visualization of how a collection of replies and forwards are connected, including which which emails contain unique content and which emails are referenced in the metadata but are missing in the current evidence data set
  • Remove sources from a case to simplify search.
  • Recover deleted items from a disk image.
  • Indexing iTunes backups of iPhones, iPads and other devices managed through iTunes.
  • Custom columns allow for the importing and indexing of arbitrary types of data, allowing users to move away from the fixed-document and email-centric column model and add new types of date fields, names and numbers.
Intella Connect 2.1:
  • Connect servers can now be connected to give reviewers a single point of access for all their cases regardless of which Connect servers are hosting them.
  • Enhanced Indexing functionality to include a redesigned load file import facility, new source types, tasks support, OCR, content analysis (incl. skin tone analysis)
  • Enhanced batching and coding functionality

"Our focus has always been to provide our users with world class software that can deliver repeatable and significant ROI back to their organizations. To that end, we relentless pursue developing the features reviewers actually need to do their jobs exceptionally well—and then endeavor to deliver those market-leading features at the best value in the industry. We are pleased to continue to deliver on this vision with Intella 2.1 and Intella Connect 2.1."

Peter Mercer, Chief Technology Officer of Vound

About Vound

Vound is a leading global vendor of technology used for end-to-end forensic search, eDiscovery, early case assessment and information governance. Our Intella range of eDiscovery and digital investigation software is used by over 1500 organisations worldwide including the Big 4, Fortune 500 enterprises and Big Box Retailers, national security agencies, global banks, law firms, and law enforcement for Human Resources, Legal and Compliance matters. Intella’s strength lies in taking large collections of data and allowing users to quickly search and drill down to the most pertinent evidence; minimising the need for experts and significantly cutting the time and costs organisations normally take to carry out investigations, audit requests and eDiscovery.

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