Vound Releases Intella® 2.2 and Intella® Connect 2.2

Adds Google Cloud AI Integration and GDPR Panel to Intella® 2.2. Scripting also provides integration to IBM Watson, Amazon Web Services and others.

Denver, CO – August 13, 2018

Vound, a leading global provider of the eDiscovery and forensic search, platform, Intella, announces the release of Intella 2.2 and Intella Connect 2.2. The new release of version 2.2 adds powerful, out-of-the-box scripting for integration to Google Cloud AI as well as other cutting-edge AI tools such as IBM Watson and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to allow users to utilize advanced forms of textual analysis for use in their Intella cases. In addition, a new GDPR Insight panel in Intella 2.2 facilitates organizations’ seamless diligence in GDPR compliance.

Digital investigators are tasked to do more with less. AI features help digital forensic investigators identify relevant data quicker; however, platforms that embed AI features into their forensic, eDiscovery search tool can be cost-prohibitive. Cloud access to AI tools such as Google Cloud AI have brought down the cost of AI, enabling a broader array of organizations to leverage the powerful search of these tools without incurring the prohibitive cost.

Now with Intella 2.2, organizations gain access to the power of an AI-assisted forensic search at an affordable price to leverage for translations, automatic classification of images, and other key identifications. Users select which AI tool is best suited for their organization, including out-of-the-box integration with Google Cloud AI and scripting provided for other services such as IBM Watson and Amazon Web Services.

At the same time that investigators are tasked to do more with less, GDPR is requiring substantially increased diligence regarding the handling of personal data. As well, GDPR has triggered a marked increase in organizations’ needs to report on the handling of data and manipulate data under the new compliance regulations. Intella’s new GDPR info panel is seamlessly integrated into the Intella interface to simplify investigators’ verifiable diligence during the investigatory process. As well, cases can now be merged or exported into separate parts to ensure privacy protection.

Intella is a 1 stop shop for digital investigators, combining powerful forensic and eDiscovery features enabling end users to index cell phone, email, disk images, load files and more at market leading speed. Intella delivers customized reporting across a broad array of outputs including PDFs, mail containers, Load Files and direct export to a Relativity database without requiring an intermediary load file.

Some of the powerful features of Intella 2.2 and Intella 2.2 Connect, now include:
  • Added command-line options and samples for scripting and analysis purposes to enable AI integration to IBM Watson, Google Cloud AI, Amazon Web Services and more
  • GDPR Insight info panel in Intella 2.2, listing privacy-sensitive data found in the case
  • Basic case merging of items can now be exported to a new case
  • Case templates enable quick initialization of a new case
  • Added an Event Log Browser for Intella 2.2 Connect users

Click to view the full release notes for Intella 2.2 and Intella Connect 2.2. Vound will be exhibiting in booth #305 at HTCIA in Washington D.C., August 19-22.

About Vound

Vound is a leading global vendor of technology used for end-to-end forensic search, eDiscovery, early case assessment and information governance. Our Intella range of eDiscovery and digital investigation software is used by over 1500 organisations worldwide including the Big 4, Fortune 500 enterprises and Big Box Retailers, national security agencies, global banks, law firms, and law enforcement for Human Resources, Legal and Compliance matters. Intella's strength lies in taking large collections of data and allowing users to quickly search and drill down to the most pertinent evidence; minimising the need for experts and significantly cutting the time and costs organisations normally take to carry out investigations, audit requests and eDiscovery.

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