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productive productivity esi software

W4 lets investigators review digital evidence rapidly, locate items of interest quickly, and report their findings easily.


Extract a wide variety of information from the evidence, including user activity, registry and web browsers artifacts, documents, emails and much more
productive productivity esi software
Find direct and indirect links between artifacts such as USB devices, internet downloads, file access, emails, and documents with a few clicks.
productive productivity esi software
Our newly designed timeline allows users to annotate individual events on a custom timeline.

Colorized tags simplify the workflow, making it easy to find the pertinent evidence and assemble it for reporting.
productive productivity esi software
  • Report by items, categories, tags, and custom fields
  • Customize timelines with colorized tags and comments
  • Report web history and images via configurable display type
  • Hyperlinks to the exported files will be included in the report
  • An unlimited number of link graphs can be included in report
  • Original format files can be exported along with the report
  • Report settings can be reused via our customizable template mechanism
productive productivity esi software

W4 Demo

Meet the newest member of the Vound suite of digital forensic software products.
W4 lets investigators review digital evidence rapidly, locate items of interest quickly, and report their findings easily.
See firsthand how W4 can benefit you.

Key Features

Fast, powerful, simple to use – these are key features that will help you conduct effective
investigations and be productive when searching in computer forensic images and evidence.

Extremely user-friendly interface

User-friendly interface

Allows the user to find and investigate the information relevant to the case.
Quickly search and preview

Search and preview

System settings, browser history, device usage, email, attachments, iTunes backups, archives, headers, documents, embedded images, and metadata.
Quickly search and preview

Blistering-fast indexing speeds

Allows access to the indexed data in the shortest time possible.
Search during indexing

Search during indexing

Allows to preview and search artifacts during indexing. First results are usually available in a matter of minutes after the indexing started.
Supports wide number of forensic image files

Forensic image formats

Supports wide number of forensic image files: S01/E01/Ex01/L01/Lx01/AD1/ISO and DD images. Support for Windows and MacOS file systems, GPT and MBR partitions, ISO and others.
Supports cellphone extraction formats from industry leading vendors

Cellphone extraction formats

Supports cellphone extraction formats from industry leading vendors: Cellebrite UFED, Micro Systemation XRY and Oxygen Forensic Suite
Fully customizable reporting

Fully customizable reporting

Wizard for reporting relevant artifacts in the case ready for Court, or for your client.
Automatic extraction of notable registry artifacts

Automatic extraction of notable registry artifacts

This can save the examiner many hours of manual artifacts extraction and data conversion to human readable format.
Intella compatible


W4 cases can be directly ingested and integrated into Intella to expand on analysis and reporting.
Exceptional value

Exceptional value

Fully featured software at a fraction of the cost of similar products.
24/7 Support


Allows to quickly locate items with geodata on a zoomable world map. That includes pictures, emails, cellphone items and Google Map URLs.
24/7 Support

24/7 Support

24/7 support via our support portal.



Zoom in on a date range & see volume within that range.

W4’s unique Events view

Unified view of activities and other events in chronological order.

Links graph

See how items are linked, revealing accounts, ownership, devices, and actions.


Locate items with geodata on a zoomable world map.

Vound Product Suite

W4 get you up and running quickly. Add your W4 case to an Intella case for a more in-depth look. Add team members in Team and Connect to fully maximize the power of our software.

productive productivity esi software
  • Fast processing
  • USB investigation
  • File linking
  • Data timelining
  • User profiling
productive productivity esi software
  • In-depth processing
  • Email review
  • Attachment searching
  • Data analytics
  • Visual search
  • Exporting
productive productivity esi software
  • Sharing case data between team members
  • Combining, reviewing, and approving the work of team members
productive productivity esi software
  • Search using a browser with no need to install software
  • Permission-based administration of both setup
  • Multi-user review

Free Trial Download

Fast. Easy to use. Exactly the tool you need to conquer today’s data challenges and deliver world class results. Find out for yourself the simplicity, power and accuracy of W4. Vound is pleased to provide a fully functional, time-limited trial of W4 to qualified individuals.

productive productivity esi software

If you would like a more hands-on look at how W4 could help you, download the following Quick Start Guides and see just how quick and easy it can be.

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