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Copyright Infringement: Images You Can and Can't Share on Your Blog

By Vound Software

Say you've written a blog post and you're ready to hit publish. You've edited the copy and probably cited sources you referenced throughout the article. But what about any images you use? Unfortunately, photos and illustrations created by other people often go without citations, or are attributed improperly.

Giving credit to photographers for their work sounds like a simple process, but it can get pretty messy. And since posting copyright−infringing content can lead to the removal of your post or blog−or worse−a lawsuit, it's better to be safe than sorry. Considering bloggers are financially liable for posting copyrighted images even if it was an accident, the first step is to recognize the different copyright labels and understand the Fair Use Doctrine (which allows copyrighted works to be used without permission to benefit the public). Don't worry if you're confused about copyrights, we've got you covered. This infographic details exactly how to search for approved images and how to properly attribute them.

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