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Add Software to the List of Things You Need Training for to Be Effective

By Vound Software

Here’s a question for you: When you began driving a car, did you simply jump behind the wheel and get started? Or did you receive some instruction first? Chances are, you probably completed a driver education course before you were approved to begin driving; in fact, in most jurisdictions, it’s required by law. Would you go skiing before being taught how to move on skis (and most importantly, how to stop)? Of course not! You would get instruction from a certified instructor first and practice on the “bunny hill” until you know how to ski proficiently. So, why would you jump into using an investigation and eDiscovery software solution before being trained on how to use it effectively?

You may be thinking that “the software solution should be so easy to use that I don’t even need any training”, but today’s eDiscovery workflows involve multiple tasks that you need to understand how to perform as efficiently as possible to not only manage the costs of discovery effectively, but also avoid critical mistakes that can adversely affect your case.

Four Good Reasons You Need Software Training

There are several reasons why you want to take advantage of training that’s offered on software, preferably before even using it (though it’s never too late to get training to maximize your capabilities with the software solution!). Here are four good reasons you need software training:

  • Become Quickly Productive: Obtaining software training enables you to ramp up quickly on new software, becoming more productive sooner with the various functions of the software solution. Without training, you might not even realize some of the functionality that’s available to you.

  • Simplify Technical Support: Tech support teams for eDiscovery software are tasked to help customers with software issues, not to instruct users on how to use the software. In fact, some areas of assistance may not even be covered by your maintenance agreement! Proper training enables you to streamline your tech support assistance to what tech support was designed for in the first place.

  • Increase ROI in the Software: Your investment in eDiscovery software (though necessary to conduct discovery effectively today) can be expensive. Proper training – to fully understand how to use all capabilities of the solution and learn how to use those capabilities as efficiently as possible – makes you more efficient and more effective with the solution, increasing the ROI your company gets out of it.

  • Avoid Critical Mistakes: Perhaps the biggest reason you want software training is to avoid critical mistakes that may add significant costs to discovery, or even worse. A few years ago, an attorney representing a major financial institution inadvertently disclosed account information for thousands of the wealthiest investors in her client’s portfolio because she didn’t understand how to use the software to make sure that data was identified during review and properly marked as confidential. Even worse is that the inadvertent disclosure was covered by The New York Times!

And Here’s a potential fifth reason for many of you to get trained – you’ve probably already paid for it! So, you can’t use the excuse that it will cost money to get the training. The costs for not getting trained can be far greater in terms of inefficient use of the eDiscovery software solution or mistakes made during discovery than any potential cost of training.


It’s common to make the mistake that all software should be so easy to use that you don’t need any training. That may be true for a simple mobile app that you download on your cell phone, but it’s not the case with sophisticated eDiscovery software solutions managing complex workflows. Regardless of how intuitive the software solution is, you still need the training to be quickly productive with the solution, streamline your need for technical support, maximize ROI in the solution investment, and (perhaps most importantly) avoid critical mistakes that you might otherwise make without fully understanding how the solution works.

Sure, you can drive a car without instruction (not legally, of course) and you can ski without instruction, but, in both cases, you might wind up in a ditch if you’re not careful. Failing to get properly trained in your eDiscovery software solution could put your case in a ditch if you’re not careful!

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