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Cybersecurity and Hacking Concerns for Today’s Cars and Tomorrow’s Driverless Vehicles

By Vound Software

In the next few decades, driving your car to work may be a thing of the past. Partly and completely autonomous vehicles are projected to take over the market, reduce automobile accidents, save us precious time, and keep us even more connected at all times. But with this major technological advancement, comes some new cybersecurity risks. While many of us may brush the threat of vehicle hacking under the rug now, many of these threats apply to cars already on the road. Hackers can access vehicle networks and driver data via cars’ wireless communications functions, mobile devices (like phones and tablets connected to a car’s USB, Bluetooth or WiFi), or a third party device connected through a vehicle diagnostic port. It’s up to drivers to understand these risks in order to protect their information and safety. Additionally, computer forensic experts will need to understand ever-changing software and recognize every vulnerability that puts drivers at risk. Read on to learn more about potential car hacking risks and how to stay safe.

security and hacking in autonomous cars

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security and hacking in autonomous cars