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Intella lowers the total cost of ownership of your digital investigation software

Less training, lower up front investment, increased productivity, world class results

In a market that is both cost and time sensitive, these factors combine to make Intella a powerful tool in your arsenal to collect, process, analyze, review, and report on vast amounts of digital data.

Here are some highlights of Intella’s rich feature set:

Powerful indexing

of Vast Scope of ESI ...

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Advanced search

Goes Beyond Keywords...

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intuitive user interface for efficient search
customizable exports to load files and others

Intuitive UIs

Visual User Interface Simplifies ...

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Customized Reporting

Across a Broad Array of Outputs ...

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intuitive user interface for efficient search
customizable exports to load files and others

Intella delivers the features and performance of a higher-end forensics or eDiscovery review tool, but requires much less forensic expertise to generate high quality results.

Beware Pricing Traps ...

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Digital investigations frequently involve large numbers of devices including multiple computers, mobile devices and a variety of digital storage media, as well as difficult-to-access corporate data formats and storage systems.

Intella’s cluster maps help users visualize relationships and timelines to quickly identify the most relevant evidence.

For more complex investigations, Intella offers Boolean searching, grouping, “fuzzy” searches, proximity searches, field-specific searches and single and multiple character wild card searching. Intella has also been helpful for combing through email attachments, and quickly finding relevant information in PDFs and image files, as well as video and audio files.

With Intella, digital investigators:
  • Quickly obtain important information at a glance, including chat programs, social media, registry, user, browser and other settings are reported in a single interface.
  • Access market-leading processing speed of all forms of data without the need of expensive computer equipment or substantial training investment.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with multi-user, browser-based review features.
  • Process 1 gigabyte to multi-terabyte cases with ease.
  • Integrate with all leading legal software via load file or direction integration.
rapidly growing esi and data sources in email search

What customers are saying about Intella

“Intella uniquely allows search results of large data sets through various search facets, translation and visualization tools such as cluster maps and social graphs designed to link emails to files related to queries, capabilities above and beyond similar software tools. Intella has been an extremely effective forensic tool for our organization.”

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Innovative, powerful, and simple - exactly the tools you need to conquer today's data challenges and deliver world class results. Find out for yourself the simplicity, power and accuracy of Intella. Vound will be pleased to provide a fully functional, time-limited evaluation copy of Intella to qualified individuals.

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