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Getting Started with Intella

New to Intella? Learn about Intella's innovative interface, running searches, tagging and exporting items in this overview.

New features for Intella and Connect 2.3

Watch some of the new features that are available in version 2.3 of Intella and Intella Connect.

Searching with Regular Expressions

Intella now supports searching for text matching regular expressions. Watch this video to see how regular expression searches can add value to your investigation.

The Intella interface

Get familiar with our powerful, yet extremely simple to use user interface.

License dongles

Learn more about Intella's licensing mechanism and how to get the latest updates for your software.

Search email by dates

Watch how easy it is to use Intella to filter and search an email file within specific dates.

Performing wildcard Searches

The ability to do wildcard searches makes Intella exceptionally useful. See how easy it is to use Intella do even complex searches.

Creating a case with Intella

Watch this video to learn how to create an Intella case and ingest a data source ready for searching.

Getting started with Intella Connect & Node

Learn how to setup and get started with Intella Connect.

Creating load files in Intella

This video will show you how to prepare a data set ready for export and use it to create a load file.

Ingesting a Load File

This video shows you how to ingest common load file types, such as Relativity and Concordance, into Intella ready for review.

IP Theft

This is a short video on how Intella can be used to investigate intellectual property theft.

Getting Started with W4


computer forensics software

With Intella, both simple and complex searches can be performed and the results will be graphically shown. All attributes of each item (e.g. text, subject, metadata, senders, receivers, attachments, etc.) is searched.

Search parameters such as date, file type, language, people, etc. can be used to narrow down the search results.

HASH values or hash lists can be used to search to identify intellectual property or to de-NIST a dataset (to remove known, irrelevant files).

computer forensic tools

Individual items in the case can be reviewed in detail with Intella's Preview window. The Preview window allows the user to review the contents, metadata, attachments (even when zipped and "nested") etc.

Reviewed items can be flagged and tagged and exported in a wide number of reporting formats.

forensic data recovery
Intella automatically extracts Geolocation data from email and picture files. This information is plotted on a word map where the user can easily identify the origin of the item. The user has the ability to zoom in to street level view for a specific item.
forensic insight data
The Insight analysis feature was designed to 'deep dive' into your data to find the human context and connections in that data. The Insight tab then lists the most notable user, system and Internet artifacts in your case. This simplifies finding important evidence and improves the examination time and thoroughness of any investigation.
cyber forensics