Insight Analysis

Know your data at a glance with Intella's Insight analysis

The Insight analysis feature was designed to 'deep dive' into your data to find the human context and connections in that data. The Insight tab then lists the most notable user, system and Internet artifacts in your case. This simplifies finding important evidence and improves the examination time and thoroughness of any investigation.
eDiscovery and Forensics powered by Insight Analysis

Internet and system artifact reports using Intella's Insight Analysis.

Intella's Insight feature greatly enhances any investigator's knowledge and understanding of the case. This saves time and improves results. Using Intella's system and Internet artifact extraction, combined with Intella's industry leading eDiscovery features, you can do the work of multiple tools in one platform.

Processing Windows registry artifacts
File types and categories discovery

Registry artifacts at your finger tips

Often difficult and timely to extract. Insight analysis automatically processes and extracts notable registry artifacts for you. This information is processed for you during the indexing phase and presented in an easy to navigate interface.

Understand the makeup of your data sources

The makeup of your evidence is shown in categories making it easy to understand what file types are within the dataset. Know at a glance whether you have chat messages, encrypted data, images or cellphone data to investigate.

Discovering online user activity
User accounts and email addresses identification

Discover online activity

Online activity is a rich source of evidence in an investigation. Intella Insight shows browsing history, internet artifacts, social media activity and other online user interactions.

Identify user accounts and email addresses

The various user accounts on a system are listed showing what types of accounts they relate to. The most commonly occurring email addresses are also listed.

Timeline showing ESI distribution and gaps in data
ESI breakdown with statistics

Finding gaps in your data?

The Timeline is a helpful tool to identify the chronological range of your data so you can ensure you have the data for the relevant dates of your investigation.

Insight adds Context to your Evidence

It is important to know what is in your dataset, what could not be processed and what needs further processing.

simple reporting of insight analysis outcome


Flexibility to export the details in the Insight tab into HTML page for further review.

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